“Due to a high demand job of working 2with students who have severe emotional and behavioral problems, I incorporated massage into my wellness routine to help alleviate my stress.  Richard Bailey has been an excellent resource on the benefits of massage, and has provided me with not only a relaxing massage, but also a massage that provides other health inspiring benefits; such as improved circulation, increased brain endorphins and a stronger immune system.  I highly recommend Richard’s massages to anyone seeking to include massage in their wellness program.” – M.B.

“ Richard is a wonderful masseuse, he is gentle yet firm, very professional, compassionate, kind a great listener and his massage techniques are magical.  I would highly recommend him to anyone!” – M.K.

“Due to an injury to my right foot and ankle, I sought the help of 3 professionals left me with no progress at all.  One wanted to do major surgery on my foot and the other put me in an air cast and bed rest for 4 months.  After seeking help from a physical therapist which was unproductive, I went to Richard Bailey at Green Way Massage.  He quickly determined it was scar tissue and trigger points and in several appointments with him and I was walking with no limp!!  My foot is okay for now.  I am finally able to groom my own yard and get caught up after 4 months of nothing.” – L.H.

“Before I met Richard, my life was just one pain filled day after another.  In just a matter of a few weeks, things changed.  Now, I can sit in my chair again, and do some of the things I enjoy.  I move better now, I sleep better now.  There just isn’t enough good that I can say about Richard.  I hope you have as much success with him as I have.  He’s been a God send for me.  Thank you Richard.” J.W.

‘I have had the privilege of receiving several massages from Richard.  After our first session, it was clear to me that he is both an exceptionally gifted therapist as well as a compassionate and sincere individual.  There is no questioning Richard’s integrity.  My neck and shoulder pain was significantly reduced after just one massage and he corrected a structural imbalance that was causing a discrepancy in leg length, subtly affecting my balance and gait.  I highly recommend Richard Bailey of Green Way Massage.  He simply represents the highest standards in therapeutic massage.” M.T.

“We have had many visits with Richard and he is purely magical with massage.  He loves what he does.  Giving pain relief and relaxation to each and every client.  He is like no other.  A one of a kind in his field.  A massage God.  Thanks Richard for sharing your gift.” – R.M.G
“The only massage therapist I recommend. Professional, knowledgeable and effective.  Helped me with my leg and knee pain and with pain in my back and neck.  The best is Lane County.” – D.S.

“Richard Bailey is the finest masseur available!  One of a kind!  I literally was crippled up – bent over, hunched back and limping when my Chiropractor; after 65 months of visits decided I needed something more.  My left arm was crippled and held close to my body due to shoulder and neck pain, two fingers on my left hand were numb.  My left leg and lower back were twisted slightly causing constant and serious back spasms.  Now after 6 months of weekly visits to Richard I can put my pants on without sitting, I can tie my shoes without pain.  I can walk straight with my head held high smiling, pain free!  My neck is straight again – no huge hump of twisted gnarled up muscles!  No more back spasms waking me at night.  I can run, jump and play again.  YOU – Richard Bailey literally gave me my life back, I will forever be grateful! 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!” – D.D

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